Saturday, December 27, 2014

Night + Market

Apparently, Thai and Vietnamese food in Los Angeles and SoCal in general are good. Fairly authentic. The friends said we wouldn't be disappointed by quite a number of eateries around the neighborhood. I wasn't totally skeptical but wasn't going to go out of my way to check out eateries offering food that I could get at home so easily.

The friends recommended Night + Market whose menu stated 'Thai street food'. Okaaay. At least Night + Market has a great location which fits our schedule. It sits on the street near the indie gig venues The Roxy Theatre and Viper Room. Perfect. It means we get to have a decent dinner before gig nights.

Gotta say that the friends are right. Night + Market fries up pretty good Thai food. I'm sure the kitchen's got a proper iron wok atop a huge fire. Its stir-fried items have that 'wok hei'. And surprisingly went easy and light on the oil. Ahhhh.....all cravings for chilli padi and spices satisfied. Fish sauce available too. YUM. The crab fried rice was delicious. Probably ranks among the best out there along with the Singapore-Chinese and Thai-Chinese zi char eateries, except way less cloying with less oil. The man couldn't resist a massaman beef curry. There's even Beerlao in its lager and dark version. Woot.

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