Friday, December 26, 2014

Chasing Food Trucks in LA

Oddly uninspired by LA food choices. Quite certain it's not about the quality of ingredients or the chefs. It's just not the Northwest. My tastebuds aren't excited. It's really a mash-up of everything that I'm not sure my stomach fancies. I'm definitely not going anywhere near sushi rolls man. Eioowww. But the food trucks are great, and it's my lunch default, depending on whichever truck we find wherever and the menu for the day.

Heard about Kogi. Its menu sounded great. Tacos. Why not? Stalked it. Sprinted down. We were first in line way before it opened at 11.45am. Hahaha. Five other people waited behind. By the time we placed our orders and moved aside to wait, a long queue had formed.

Kogi offers gigantic burritos. But that's too uhhh juicy for me. It's got a load of tomato sauce and cheese and dunno what other sauces and mayo. I prefer its tacos and sliders. There's something about the mix that is hearty, but not quite capturing my tastebuds the way Seattle's Marination Station's food did. For one, Marination Station's tofu tacos are way better than Kogi's. They did something to the tofu and the marinade to make it savory-balanced, a point that Kogi didn't bother to sort out. But it still made a satisfying lunch.

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