Friday, December 26, 2014

Spring for Coffee LA

There's also a ridiculous number of Starbucks in Los Angeles, of which I avoided them all. There're a number of smaller non-Starbucks good coffeshops in the various neighborhoods. I've only been to a few. Not staying in town long enough to check out all of them. Glad to be able to hop in to some.

There's LAMILL Coffee out in Silver Lake which is along the way daily. Downtown, I like hopping into the tiny Spring for Coffee for a pour-over of whatever beans they have for the day. It's not exactly the most convenient but I do like it, and not just because it uses beans from Stumptown, Ritual and Blue Bottle. :P

A pour-over is perfect. For some reason, I haven't taken a shine to having milk in coffee. Of course there isn't sugar. But less inclined for flat whites. Don't even mind drip coffee. But with some beans, the pour-over is simply gorgeous. Brings out every layer of aroma and taste, which also change with the drop in temperature as one sips. Again, I don't want to discuss coffee. I just want to drink it like the average consumer.

I end up at Spring for Coffee quite a bit. Scant seating though. Instead of grabbing a coffee to-go, it's fun simply standing around to sip the hot cup on a cool day. Can't take that much time for a cup of coffee. Not rushing between appointments or meetings. Could spill out to the sidewalk too, as long as we don't block it all up. LA is not cold at all. Could be as hot as 22°C (obviously I can't think in °F) in the sun. All very nice for this girl from the tropics.

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