Friday, January 02, 2015

2015. Hey.

In watercolor painted by Arounna Khounnoraj of bookhou.
Thoughtfully gifted by Y.

While I was sleeping, 10 emails about work streamed in. Wow, all these hardworking people. Here we are. Another year begins in full swing.

I've no idea how this year will pan out. Never viewed life in milestones except for the academic ones. Those were eagerly anticipated because it meant a step closer to legal freedom and independence. Everything else after that is simply secondary and I've never given a damn about anyone's expectations. Sure, tell me. I might consider it for a day or two. Whether I choose to meet those expectations, aren't a given. This is a certain sort of petulance that I simply refuse to acquiesce. At least I've learnt not to vehemently vocalize it.

Time, personal-progress and life are lumped as a lateral movement. Not linear. There're things I view important in my life that shouldn't matter to anyone else. As long as I'm happy, which human is to judge? I trust in God's plans for me. As it is with every year, I wing it. This strategy suits me fine. So 2015, bring it.

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