Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ori Beenut Butter

The man loves peanut butter. In fact, he's crazy over it. He has probably tried all available brands out there in Singapore supermarkets, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, and many bottles from indie bakeries in Seattle and Los Angeles. But he's only just getting to know independent jam makers in Singapore and tasting their produce.

Our dear friends cleverly went onto and bought us a truckload of stuff. Among them, was an innocent jar of peanut butter from Second Helpings, coolly named 'Ori Beenut Butter'. The man went nuts over it. Quite literally.

I'm not really a peanut butter person. I'll take some, but it has to somehow match my odd tastebuds. So it's a rare instance that I find a jar I like. It has to taste properly creamy yet strongly nutty and a touch salty. It can't be sweet either. Yum, I'm a creamy peanut butter person, not chunky. Making it sounds like too much effort. And by golly, this Ori Beenut Butter is bloody awesome. It's not that big a jar. 6.4oz. It's enough though. So satisfying. We finished it in 48 hours.

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