Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Little Girl's in Primary One

One of my favorite little tots is now a Primary One student. Ahhh. They grow up so fast. I've seen Lil'Missy, well, as a bump in Y's tummy, as a wailing baby, toddler and now, all grown-up, almost. Y sent photos to tell me how Missy's doing in the first week. Ahhh...she's looking all chirpy still. Hurrah.

My current work schedule also means my time is less flexible. Plenty of intense work trips scheduled too. As it is, I think the office collectively cringe when they see my emails time-stamped 'SENT 6.00 AM' when I'm in town. It's pretty tough to do weekday lunches with the friends now, but 7am or 8am breakfasts and 8pm dinners can be arranged. Drinks (preferably with alcohol) are always welcome. I wouldn't be seeing Lil'Missy till she's all settled in and could hop out for afternoon tea. Prepped a little 'have-a-great-year' gift for the newly minted schoolgirl. Since she recently got into snail mail, cards and letters, I wrote her a short note as well.

Stole time early in the morning to have a coffee with Y while the girl's in school. MUAHAHAHA. It's been months since I last saw her. Needn't have to share our food with a little girl or worry about her being bored. Love Lil'Missy and her companionship, and would always consider her food requests, but it is also very nice to have an uninterrupted adult conversation. It's been too long since I get to have Y all to myself! It was a lovely long chat. Absolutely gleeful about it.

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