Friday, January 16, 2015

Guksu's Mul Naengmyeon

The man was insistent on having dinner at Guksu Noodle House. All the way to Suntec City Tower Five, adjacent to the Convention Center area. Like, really, I didn't know why we had to have dinner in town in a silly mall. He knew I really really love mul naengmyeon, and it's hard to find a good one in Singapore. I've tried most of them available at the restaurants. Nothing that hits a spot. The man said that his colleagues thought Guksu would be worth a try. And they were right.

I like the concept of Guksu. All noodles. Different kinds of noodles in different broths. Okay, I'm generally not hot about Korean food or its sappy dramas. Don't like kimchi or gochuchang. I have a special dislike of budae jjigae that's bloody unhealthy with just gochuchang for soup stock topped with only spam and instant noodles. What a rip-off. I do like some Korean movies, especially those about serial murderers. :P But Korean noodles aren't too bad. They're tasty! I just don't want them to be like ramen or our local noodles that sit in thick pork-rich broth. I like it light, which explains why I like udon and soba, and mul naengmyeon. Not keen on bibim naengmyeon or hoe naengmyeon because of the gochuchang.

Guksu's version of mul naengmyeon is quite impressive. The dongchimi broth tasted right. The thin slices were beef. Doubt they'll use pheasant in this city. The buckwheat noodles weren't fantastic, especially on the consistency, but it's as good as it gets in Singapore. Really satisfying. It was about S$18 for a set that comes with choices of sides. They make good tiny mandu. Not bothered about trying the rest of its menu. I'd come back for the mul naengmyeon.

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