Saturday, January 10, 2015

Averaging 26°C

After the rain.

This is such beautiful weather in Singapore. Probably my favorite of the whole year. In the evenings, it's quite pleasant to sit outdoors. Slightly lower temperatures with a ton of rain. The rain can be inconvenient since our type of rain involves being thoroughly soaked in five seconds. I'll take the rain pelting down over friggin hot sun anytime. I don't care for the threat of drought like what happened last February and March. As it is, the blazing sun comes out every now and then to remind me to treasure the cooler temperatures that are rising soon. Nice weather won't last forever.

The first week of the new year has ended on a pensive note. Tied up loose ends for a couple of work matters- kicked tea totally out of my life, chased for a couple of overdue payments for a couple of projects, sorted out new schedules. And began a brand new major project that will take me all the way to April. It pays well, and has already provided fair allowances for preliminary meetings even before I sweep into the offices with a new broom to terrorize the hell out of everyone. This project is going to make me worse than I already am- more cynical and harder. *shrug* Not a bad thing. At the very least, I'm bloody efficient. I don't exist to please people nor pander to anyone's ideals.

At its most intense, the rain puts a white sheet over every building and sight. Visibility is nought. That's when I love to stare out into the horizon, especially when I'm home. I clear the mind and simply take in the sound of the storm. An opaque panel of water shrouds the horizon for a few minutes before letting up to a misty grey. Heavy rain during the day makes everything seem softer and more magical. 

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