Friday, January 09, 2015

Colorful Cards

Many greeting cards forwarded mid-December when I was in the US. Such festive fun. I love paper, and to send and receive snail mail. There were the e-cards that weren't just cards because those take just as much effort in terms of the emails being crafted into photo collages or a digital capture of a hand-doodled/drawn image. E-cards were accompanied by the sweetest long emails that I've archived in a folder titled 'Cherished'.

Then, there was a pile of greetings cards which weren't forwarded. It was lovely to come home and see them waiting on the desk. Intentionally left unopened till much later. It's very nice to read Christmas and year-end greetings from friends and acquaintances during the first week of the new year. I keep these cards for a few years. So precious. I always want to throw them away while de-cluttering, but can't bear to. In the end, most cards stay and go into little storage boxes. Many are also periodically snipped into half to be used as bookmarks. :)

Thank you for all the wishes. They're much appreciated.

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