Friday, January 23, 2015

Bath Salts

The gift smells divine. Notes of citrus and lavender wafted out strongest when I opened the jar. Ingredients include sea salt, Epsom salts, lavender essential oil, extra virgin olive oil, and I'm keeping the other ingredients a secret. Woot.

I'm just going to call it 'bespoke' because it is. Y is experimenting and blended a jar for me. I love this combination of scents because it's citrus-fruity rather than cloying sweet-fruity or sweet-floral. This is my very first jar of bath salts that I didn't have to buy at the shops. Hehehehe. For some reason, everyone keeps giving me tubes of shower gel for Christmas and birthdays but not bath salts.

The little jar sits on the shelf next to the bathtub. But I don't need to draw a bath in order to utilize this gift. I could simply add a few scoops to a bucket of hot water and sink my feet into it. And I have a very nice solid basin for this purpose. This homeblended jar is fantastic for that. My feet are abused on a daily basis. The frequent hot soaks do wonders for the soreness and angry bunions, and also soothe bruised nails. Epsom salt is great for alleviating blisters, kinda clean out chaffing and toenail fungus, or to prevent Athlete's foot. The feet is soaked most days after pilates and parkour. :)

This is a most thoughtful gift. It came with a chic hand-folded star. Love it.

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