Thursday, January 22, 2015

'Everyday / 每一天'

This girlfriend always knows which types of gifts to get for me. She's very clever. She gave me a print from Neighborhood: GOODS titled 'Everyday / 每一天 '. #ampulets When she handed me the tube roll, I didn't even open it. Simply grinned my thanks. I knew what it is. Had eyed it when ampulets posted it on IG, but didn't get around to buying it.

Black and gold ink on marble white tracing paper. Mine's numbered 75/250. It's a simple idea, but so effective, and takes someone with passion to put it together in a simple one page presentation of the 2015 calendar. Clearly, the framing cost more than the print. Five times more. There'll probably be a new print next year. But the point is, I want to preserve this one. Costs are negligible.

It's very nice to simply stare at the framed-up print. One not-that-big page summarizing all of 2015. All the experiences to-come, and all that I will learn this year. It makes seem so easy to breeze through 365 days. I love the idea of the big old tree in the Toa Payoh neighborhood. Trees, mean so much. Of the environment, of shelter, and healthy trees reflect the condition of the soil, pollutants, etc, and that humans are taking care to preserve its roots. It reflects the everyday. The daily joys. Every day. To remember to be thankful for all the blessings in this life.

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