Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The BFF is a Little Fish

Dragged the bff out for dinner in the neighborhood. Had plans to have seafood at Pasarbella. The girl has never visited Pasarbella or The Grandstand since she came back to Singapore. Unsurprising, since her travel schedule is crazy as ever. She was curious and got there a bit earlier to check it out. She was distracted by the stores outside the fish and seafood area.

I yawned and went to plonk myself at a bench. She came back with all meats. All pork too. My gawwwd. Win lor. Clearly the BFF was in the mood to eat. Pulled pork sandwich, honey-roasted pork, belly pork with crackling, and beer. Of course she ate them all. How would my stomach cope with ingesting more than three pieces. Eiiiiyerrrr. Hehehe.

Needed to pass the bff an overdue Christmas present too. Just as well that the gift was late. Had time to add on another present. Popped in to the jewelry store to get a pair of earrings to congratulate her on getting her OWD. Yayyy. Onward to AOWD! For years, she had been struggling with equalizing the pressure in the ears, and finally, she's a little fish merrily finning in the ocean.

To more dive trips, girl. Run pre-dive checks rigorously. Dive safe. 


D said...

i've never tried Pasarbella too. from the website, it certainly looks interesting! would really like to try that the next time i'm back!

imp said...

It's like a western version of our food court. Heh.