Friday, February 27, 2015

A New Bottle of Granola Bars

Y's husband A, must have been secretly honing his skills in the kitchen. We know he can cook, and bake stuff, like apple loaves and all that, but we thought the granola is Y's domain. Heheheheh.

Y said she's pretty much into doing the loose granola these days. She loves experimenting with the different low-sugar flavors. Her current favorite combination- coconut and lime. Her husband A used her recipe to do chia seeds, pistachios and figs, and filled the baking tray with whatever extra nuts and all he chooses, and set them into the bars. A churned out a batch of granola bars with Y's recipe, but he opted to bake it longer for that extra crunch. Apparently he didn't keep extras or baked another batch for himself. Heh. Y only given one bar to  sample!

The man and I were thrilled to receive a bottle of A's granola bars. Wow. We're already pampered to have Y occasionally plonk boxes and all into our hands. It's almost regular, considering that they don't bake to sell. But even A now decided to try it out this granola-baking-thing for a bit. No one else bakes us granola! It's muesli we regularly stock up from the supermarket, not granola. Most packs of granola are too sweet.

On their advice, I stashed the bars into the freezer because we couldn't have them immediately. A week later, they still tasted just fine. The man and I eat them straight out of the freezer. Either for breakfast or for lunch. We don't bother waiting for it to thaw out. At most it's just five minutes while we look for fruits, yoghurt or the already-soaked oats to go with. The bars thaw out really fast in the Singapore heat. We still have a few bars left. Hoarding them. The bottle looks so simple. But behind it is a tremendous amount of effort to pack the many ingredients tight, churn out a tray of granola bars, cut 'em straight, bottle them into a gift. It's beautiful. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

This plate is part of Supermama's new set titled 'The Merlion'.

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