Friday, February 27, 2015

Punk Star from PurpleCloud

I'm not opposed to wearing cheongsams. Fine with whichever beautiful fabrics of silk, velvet, brocade, cotton or whatever. I just have a huge problem with their prints, colors and florals. Regardless of what every tailor says, I feel extremely uncomfortable and stupid wearing colors and giddy bright prints. It's just not me.

Also, I don't look good in the contemporary cheongsams with A-line flared bottoms. No no no. I'm really sorry, but not all figure-types are appropriate for that look. I happen to be one of those who'll look like a stunted dumpling in A-line or poofy skirts. And no cheongsams with dainty heels. It's already annoying enough to have the narrow dress restrict mobility. I refuse to totter about precariously for the sake of looking fashionable. I have worn cheongsams with flip flops. During lunar new year visiting, there's no point wearing anything else if all that is done is to remove shoes from home to home. And I certainly don't care about photo-taking. The fewer photos I am in, the better.

It's been years since I specifically buy clothes for the Lunar New Year. There isn't a need to. New clothes could be bought all year round. This is Punk Star from PurpleCloud's 'Collection 3 Punk Pao'. In denim with trims of gun metal studs and a brooch of chains. Pairs perfect with whichever pair of Doc Marts I'm currently fond of. This is about as festive as it gets in my wardrobe.


coboypb said...

You look lovely in the comfortable attire :) I like the empty carpark setting too!

imp said...

comfort first. heh. it was pure coincidence that the carpark was relatively empty. just randomly take a photo as is.