Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At Ristorante da Valentino

I've heard much about Ristorante da Valentino, but I've never visited till the girlfriend wanted to buy me dinner and that happened to be a convenient-enough venue. Yayyyy. Time with her and any excuse for pasta always make a good combination!

I love pasta. Not picky about the shape and form. I'm conservative with sauces though. I like aglio olio e peperoncino (less oil and more garlic and peppers please), carbonara (preferably without the bacon), pesto and pomodoro (or alla puttanesca). That's pretty much it. Heh. But I don't dare to eat so much carbs all the time. I've gone easier on the meals of pasta. Definitely can't be doing this for consecutive meals without balancing it with daily workouts.

The restaurant took a lovely wide space at The Grandstand. It'll be noisy because it's perpetually full with large tables of diners. I like the casual vibes. That's what I'm looking for most days- a dependable and easy but comfortable meal. Service was efficient and oddly effusive. Think I'm too used to surly servers at restaurants. What a nice change.

Love their bread basket with pesto. Absolutely delicious. I didn't want so much of it and in the end, we finished the entire basket. o.O The girlfriend puts in a ton of time at the dance studio and gym, and could afford a full plate of carbs. Hahahaha. Pasta it was for her too. My spaghetti alla puttanesca was done nicely al dente. Anchovies and capers. Mmmm. For some very strange reason, that night I was reminded of chai poh (diced preserved radish). Haven't had chwee kueh and salty chai poh for a while too! Super satisfying meal. We lingered late and nursed our one glass of wine. Nobody chased us out. Definitely returning for another meal. 

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