Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peking Duck Cravings Satiated

K's in town for a bit. Gotta fix a craving and get her Peking duck. No better than Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck to satisfy her craving. I haven't had Peking duck for a long time, the last being K's home cooked version of Peking duck in Norway! Before this date, I hadn't stepped into the restaurant, but it should be pretty decent.

Now, I must have forgotten how Peking duck actually taste like. And I'm one of those who didn't go bonkers over Peking duck in Beijing or Shanghai. When I bit into this one, I was a tad disappointed. Sure, the skin was as good as could be, crisp and all, but the meat, I thought, while tender, was a tad bland. Nowadays, I'm definitely used to the duck being more flavorful than this. And K's duck, while unable to achieve the super-crisp skin that required a huge oven and fire, its meat was definitely tastier and equally tender. Still, I'd come back to this restaurant if anyone else has a craving to satisfy.

K ate her fill of wraps and skin, and meat. We were ambitious and ordered other dishes at the side. Vegetables and egg tarts. All eaten up. Muahahahah. Always good to chat with the woman IRL. Of course I was happy when I learnt she would be hopping into town. But it was only in the few days before she was due to fly off, that I began to miss her and started a silent tracking of her flight and transit all the way to Singapore. Like how I track parcels in the post. OCD much. Lol.

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