Saturday, February 21, 2015

农历年初三 :: 羊年到來如意繞,歡聲笑語風中飄

The parade of nyonya food started since the month began, and won't stop till 1 March. Fantastic! We've eaten many giant meals. This month's motto is, 'Eat until my stomach burst'. These are foods I can't resist. They're plentiful only during the festive season. It's so so precious. The restaurants will never do it as well as these home kitchens.

The older generation cooks so much better than we can. I certainly hope my friends have acquired these skills so that I can shamelessly turn up at their dining table. :P Along with the friends, we visited E's parents that last weekend. We pounced on E's invitation to makan. Her mother's cooking is legendary. She fed us two rounds of nyonya mee siam, using her signature thick vermicelli instead of the thin version. The rempah is fantastic lah. It translates into awesome gravy. We like thick gravy. There were also meats of roast chicken and roast pork. Of course achar was on the table. All good meals are accompanied by sambal belachan and achar.

Then buah keluak appeared. Mmmmm. Don't care about the ayam or babi. Just gimme the buah keluak. Black gold. Nomnomnomnom. I've been too lazy to bother learning to make this dish. All of us went for the buah keluak and gravy, and ignored the chicken. As if the food wasn't enough, the mother also brought out loads of keropok, cakes and chocolates. Realized we had to get away from the dining table lest she took our continued presence as a sign that we were still hungry. Muahahahaha.

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