Friday, February 20, 2015

农历年初二 :: 烟花炮竹流光溢,吉祥羊年来报道

Checked in with Yoke Bakery and was so glad that Alberta could fill out the order for the Lunar New Year. I'm not particularly interested in the usual festive goodies or snacks of any sort. Figured most people would either bake their own tarts and kuehs or be flooded with a ton of similar high-in-demand-sort of festive bakes. Got a few sets of easy shortbreads instead. Lighter on the tastebuds too.

Was thrilled with the jars of osmanthus, chocolate, matcha, black sesame and cookies of oatmeal berry walnut. Requested for six additional giant cookies to be made for six little ones. All looked tiny and easy-to-nibble. Woot. Sent them off immediately to the friends and their parents. These gifts are specifically for those naughty parentals who refuse to listen and still prep ang pows for us. Considering everyone's travel schedules, this year they went one up- by giving us ang pows before Lunar New Year even arrived. Dohhh. And especially for those who're always lovely to us all year round, it's just one of the many ways we say 'thank you'.

Kept a tub of black sesame shortbread for the man and oatmeal berry walnut cookies for myself. The man loves anything made with kuro neri goma, and I'm quite fond of oatmeal-anything. Alberta managed those sugar portions perfectly. Tasted great. The black sesame shortbread is impressive. They went into the fridge so that they could keep longer. I really like her bakes.

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