Thursday, February 19, 2015

农历年初一 :: 銀羊咩咩喜來報,高歌聲聲新年好

Of course I ignored pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. No love for pancakes or waffles. Not even the savory sort. But I did eat A LOT, and had beer over a very fun trivia night at the pub.

Lent has begun. What am I giving up this year? One can never run out of things to give up. It could be a slippery slope though. I have to be mindful that it isn't about giving up stuff for the sake of giving up, but to honor and recognize the Lord in the Lenten sacrifice and the daily bread that He provides. Ash Wednesday's reading looked at setting the Lenten goal.

Yet even now, says the LORD, return to me with your whole heart... ~ Joel 2:12

I could go vegan two days a week instead of one. As it is, along with age and health concerns, I've streamlined the diet to its current composition which works well. Will continue to focus less on material acquisitions that aren't a need, but not missing out on gaining the experiences which are the precious bits. That'll be difficult to balance. I've done so much and wouldn't trade those experiences for anything in the world. Time permitting, I'd love to be on the trails of Mount Rainier. I think the word ought to be prudence, not austerity.

What I really want to do this Lent, is to adopt a habit and have it stick all year. I'd like to be more disciplined in the daily devotionals, instead of glancing at it once a week. Today's looked at 'Separating Out the Chaff'. Choked on my cup of bitter yet fragrant black coffee. Chaff. How timely. There I was being grouchy about this festive season, be it Spring Festival, Chinese New Year or Tet. Same same Lunar New Year. At least people have learnt that I bite and won't engage me in conversation beyond the cursory pleasantries. I love being described as "not friendly". It helps to put me in a better disposition; it means only friends would talk to me. Not these useless peripheral humans whom I'm not even interested in being their acquaintances. And all that drama yesterday with rude woman at the hawker centre and being hit by a kumquat. Okay, impie, let it go.

Not so the wicked, not so; they are like chaff which the wind drives away.  ~Psalm 1:4


D said...

羊年快乐, 万事如意!

imp said...

Thank you! Hope you had a fun little one with the boys and loads of virtual gatherings!