Saturday, February 07, 2015

Dark Chocolate Shortbread

Told the friends to dispense with birthday gifts. My friends are very determined and ingenious. Some have firmly adhered to what many of us practise- donating to any chosen charity in lieu of gifts during special occasions. Some will bake or make something that I'll appreciate, or even bravely attempt to buy an item from an independent maker/label that they know I might welcome.

J and L allocated time, put their mixer to work and produced two packs of dark chocolate shortbread for us. They handed them over to us at dinner, and we refused to open it up to share with the table. Muahahaha. We're still not sorry that we squirreled these away. Technically, all these desserts are mine. But the man is thrilled that he gets to indulge his (very) sweet tooth too.

J and L lowered the sugar content, then cut out easy-to-eat squares. They know I don't bother much with desserts, ice-cream or sugar. To convince me to eat beyond one square of shortbread, it couldn't hold caramel, where most of the sugar could be tasted immediately. One pack with caramel drizzled over and the other pack simply held a sprinkling of sea salt. Brilliant people. Much love, guys.


coboypb said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

imp said...

Ooh, thank you! No, not belated at all. :)