Friday, February 06, 2015

'Ink (黑墨)'

Was checking out when I spotted a black bowl made by Lee Huiwen of Studio Asobi. The 5x17cm bowl 'Ink (黑墨)' is described as "dark, broody and enigmatic". That's precisely why I fell in love with it. The color spectrum I lean towards to applies to many items in my life, including crockery.

Bought it without even touching it, which is rather odd when it comes to me buying crockery, cups and all. Texture is everything- it decides how much I like an item and if I want it. The rim of this bowl holds drop detailing that made me stare at it. Not in the way of a fascinating night sky, but more in the fantasy-realm of a portal to another dimension, or the wizardry magic of entering another realm.

Dunno if these bowls can take the heat in the microwave or the steamer. Technically they can. But I'm not going to even test it out. Those plain Corelle and Pyrex crockery are better suited to do so. The prettier or handthrown bowls and plates are used for our eating pleasure at the dining table. The first use of the bowl was to fill it with big luscious fresh sweet cherries (this in-season batch is from New Zealand) and eat them up. Love the bowl.

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