Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Coconut Maple Lime Granola

Y now prefers to bake granola loose instead of portioning them out in bars. In a way, it could be less sweet because less honey is used to stick them together. Her husband A is now doing the bars and tweaking his own version of it. I love granola either way when it comes out of a home kitchen with controlled-sugar-portions.

The dear girl whipped up a batch and bottled a jar for me. Coconut maple lime granola. She was most pleased with this combination. Organic cold pressed coconut oil with locally grown limes (juice and zest) and maple syrup lent flavor to the nuts. The coconut smell was strong when freshly baked. But once I put the jar into the fridge, it evened out fine. The man went bonkers over this jar. He was so tempted to finish all. Had to warn him to leave some for me for breakfast because they weren't supposed to be dessert or snacks. I eat them as mains.

I've been hoarding the last five of my in-season Setoka winter oranges (柑橘「せとか」). Love them! It's a seedless tangor- a hybrid of tangerines and oranges. It's meant to be peeled and not cut. I don't mind fruits sweet, in a small quantity. Setoka oranges are ever so slightly bitter, mostly sweet and superbly juicy. Totally unplanned since the boxes of oranges arrived first, then Y's surprise gift. I bought the oranges, so that by itself was lovely, but not as precious until perfectly complemented with the heartwarming gift of coconut and lime granola.



tuti said...

have to ask.
is it hard to chew through the granola?
the commercial ones can be.
these look so delicious.
and the orange, ooh la la.

imp said...

Not if it sits in milk. That softens it greatly. Not difference in terms of chewiness and crunch between homemade or commercial. The homemade ones might be even harder to chew because they'll hold even more grains and nuts. The only problem with commercial granola, is the sugar level. Every brand on the shelf at the supermarkets is currently too sweet. I eat granola daily. The intake is enormous and that kind of sugar level is no good for any body.

coboypb said...

Oops, sorry for so many deletions. My earlier comment was that my home made version is not as exotic as your friend's :)

imp said...

coboypb: heh no worries. I think she's looking for a citrus sort of flavor instead of the usual sweetish expected crunch. This kinda works good. You can try!

coboypb said...

Yes, I am adding to my list of weekend experiments :)