Thursday, March 19, 2015

Buah Keluak for Supper

The best thing about the season, gifts of homecooked food, which are immediately stashed in the freezer. Then I could savor them even after two months. :D Especially treasured when these are foods I love but haven't had the courage to attempt cooking, even with the aid of memories. I should do so huh, when the memories haven't receded and those details could still be perfectly recalled.

One night when I got home from work at 11pm, and the only meal of the day was at 3pm, I was starving. Found a tiny stash of yummies that were in the fridge instead of the freezer. The helper must have left it there thinking that one of us would need food in the night. YES! Ayam buah keluak. What a welcoming sight when I opened the fridge. Buah keluak placed in whatever sort of dishes features prominently during this season.

This batch of ayam buah keluak was given by one of the MIL's extended family members. Everyone's version will taste different because they would have done the rempah in their unique ways. Perfect for me to understand this dish. There's something about these individual batches that would mark it out as 'belonging' to 'them'. But every year, it would taste ever so slightly different. We're lucky to get these gifts more than once a year. So I've eaten enough to know each individual's cooking styles and quirks for this dish. Muahahaha.

Didn't need the meat. Took three buah keluak all to myself and a wee bit of rice to soak up the gravy. I was ecstatic with supper! Oh my, that beautiful bitter black gold. Ahhhhh. SO GOOD.


Su-Lin said...

The bowl of yummy goodness! *slurp*

imp said...

Very yummy indeed. Totally hits a spot in the night when i'm hungry but don't want too much food.