Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Don't Feel Sorry At All

It's very hard for me to find something nice to speak about this deceased woman. Others still treat her as a learned and opinionated traditional sort of tea teacher who expanded their horizons and interests. I'm glad that in some circles, she still had their respect. To me, she was nothing more than a conniving and petty person who had more than a nominal role to play in killing my enthusiasm for tea.

She intentionally squandered my goodwill and wilfully owed me $1000 which was used to pay the bidding deposit for her new HDB shop space. The next month, she had the cheek to say it to my face that since she didn't think I needed the money to be repaid urgently, she would delay returning that amount. I kept quiet and waited seven months; she said nothing till I began legal action to retrieve the amount. You didn't ask me for a gift of money. You said you would appreciate it if I could use my credit card to help out, to get online and do the whole bidding process for the unit, on your behalf, then immediately return the monies incurred. She didn't expect me to be the type who would spend $10,000 to retrieve $1,000 because it is rightfully due, and because I was made to feel like a fool. I do not enjoy being taken for a ride and viewed as a meal ticket.

Throughout my association with her, she mocked my friends whom I sent to her shop to buy tea. They left empty-handed, bemused and a tad annoyed. It was the most embarrassing recommendation and error in judgment I made. She knew I did chargeable translations freelance and still insidiously asked for 'help', insinuating that I should do pieces of work at no charge for her. When I finally put a stop to that and said no, she feigned ignorance and emailed me five times in 24 hours, well knowing I was in London on vacation. Her idea was, if I was on vacation, then I'd be very free to do unpaid work for her. She actually said it aloud. Worst kind of client ever. I stopped being bothered about that, putting it down to her ignorance, small-minded opinions and cultural differences. She then came up with juvenile shit to insult my partner, the integrity of my marriage, and my religion, repeatedly. If it had been just the money and unpaid work bit, I could have forgiven the matter, even though she didn't apologize for the inconvenience caused. But to have her throw up the concept of reincarnation and the sly suggestion that my spouse isn't suitable or good, and that my religious beliefs to be an impediment to further (tea) knowledge... that was where I drew the line. Even after I sought to clarify and told her it was inappropriate, she persisted and didn't think it wrong. I will never let that pass.

Is this considered speaking ill of her? I don't care. I have no kind words for this woman. Do I feel conflicted? No. These are facts recorded, of which I kept logs and screenshots and all as...evidence in the event it went down to the Subordinate Courts. I had written two angry posts about her on this blog. With my 2014 decision to have nothing more to do with tea whenceforth, and this third post, it closes the loop to all my angst and disgust each time I look at a cup of tea or a teapot.

News of her cancer didn't rouse emotions. Being informed of her stroke stirred indifference. Stumbling across the news of her eventual death roused reflection. I take no joy or satisfaction in her death. I hold no relief or sadness either. I'm well aware of how karma goes around. Yes it's still Lent and Palm Sunday tomorrow. My parting words to her when she was alive and well, "Karma exists." Today, I don't regret having said that. Not one bit.