Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Man's 40th

It's been a long while since we did these crazy parties. Nine years have flown by since the man's last birthday when he shrieked the lines of Bohemian Rhapsody into a chicken wing. Turning 40 is a good reason as any to get drinks going at our stomping ground- casual Quaich Bar and for nostalgia, Ice Cold Beer (ICB).

Getting royally sloshed once every decade sounds about right. Or perhaps the last one at this fourth decade. In case, you know, it results in strange bone-jarring encounters with walls, staircases, corners of tables and chairs, etc, all of which would be a terrible occurrence at 50 years of age. There was an impromptu pre-party at Quaich Bar. That was the quiet night out with a few buddies for gorgeous single malts. Not puking. No no no. We don't regularly puke out alcohol. What a bloody waste. Single malts, vintage cognacs and armagnacs are meant to be savored slowly. This party was such a civilized affair- sip a few drams and swing on home happy. No hangovers. Not even tipsy.

All vintages from the man's birth year- 1975.
Glenglassaugh White Rabbit,
Castarede Chateau de Maniban Vintage Bas Armagnac, and
Hine Grande Champagne, Jarnac Cognac.

The next party at Ice Cold Beer (ICB) was a riot! In 2006, the guests' drink of choice was vodka and very little beer. Now, it's whisky and a fair bit of beer. Somehow, ICB pulls a really good crisp pint of Stella Artois. It fast became the party's choice of beer for the night. Not many choices of whisky available. Didn't matter. This isn't a whisky bar. We could do with whatever they had. Glenlivet 12y.o worked. Definitely terrorized the staff at ICB. Oh well. We bought plenty of drinks. Ka-chinkk for the bar.

It was hilarious when Bohemian Rhapsody came on. Nobody requested for it! It's still one of those songs that you'll hear at a bar like this if you stay long enough. He had to re-hash the chicken wing bit. Hurhurhur. Easily done. He was tipsy enough. The last time he was this woozy, it was nine years ago right at this very spot. Hahahaha. Otherwise, our alcohol intake has remained relatively modest. At the rate the prices of single malts keep increasing, I'm not about to waste a drop of it by being even anywhere near the scale of tipsy.

We're older now; it's tough to get everyone together in one venue on one date and timing. Many friends couldn't make it down, but whoever could, made a party. Even in the photos, I could only capture half of the people since they popped in and out through the evening. Too lazy to stitch shots together. Big love to all. The man totally appreciates the texts, gifts (aiyoh you guys!), company, and most of all, your unyielding and sound friendship/s through the years.

Many healthy happy returns of the day, partner. I am glad to have met you when you were 30. I would not have liked you very much in your 20s. :P 

To the next decade, D, I appreciate you as you are. I seek not to obstruct, but to stand with you in the continued chasing of your passions, as you have done for mine. Don't stay the same. Change, evolve, become. Stretch that intellectual capacity and keep that ever-acerbic wit. May you always find the space to dream and create. Be yourself. I love you.


jo said...


no soup? :p

imp said...

Ha! Next week lah!

lady J said...

Happy birthday to the Man!!! Looked like a super fun night fitting of the big 4-0!

imp said...

LadyJ: Thanks! One final booze-up before we ease up on all alcohol to rest our poor livers that have been working too hard. Heh.