Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SKIRT at W Hotel

The man had heard loads about SKIRT at W Hotel in Sentosa Cove, and was most curious about its steaks. I rarely do steak dinners, so kinda ignored him for months till now. Birthday boy wat. All right, to SKIRT we went. Another option is needed besides our usual Bedrock and CUT. Since I was buying dinner, I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the meal to realize that we had a 15% discount courtesy of SPG program benefits. Heeheeee.

The man was thrilled to see a 250g cut of skirt on the menu. Even though it was from a Full Blood Wagyu Grain-Fed, Blackmore MS9+, it meant nothing to us. We aren't fans of wagyu at all. However, skirt can be tough, but because it was wagyu, it should be okay. The fats would render the skirt almost tender without much effort. He immediately ordered that done medium. He really enjoyed it. For me, it's the same- no wagyu, no sirloin, no striploin, no T-bone. I stick to flank, flap, rump, skirt, tenderloin and at most rib-eye. At this dinner, I picked the 250g of tenderloin from Hereford Grass Fed, John Stone Longford, Ireland. Done medium-rare, the result was just as pleasing.

The meats were accompanied by salt (beef jerky, rosemary and garlic) and blobs of mustard and du Puy lentils. The lentils were stunning. It was really fun to have a apple-bourbon palate cleanser for the mains. Unfortunately for me, it was more sweet than alcoholic. Didn't quite fancy the ratio of alcohol to apples. Haha. Love love love the wood-grain patterns on the meat cutlery. When it came onto the table, we grinned. Looked like it came straight of a you-know-which-tv-series film set. Service too, was warm, efficient and prompt. However, the selection of beer was extremely unexciting.

As much as the bread basket of focaccia with artichoke hummus and chorizo oil was awesome, I like to have greens and something citrus to cut across the rich mains. Asked for the yellowfin tuna tartare on avocado and wasabi to come with the meats. It was good. Also had carabinero prawns. Winner! You can't share this appetizer. No way. One prawn each. Lightly grilled. My gawwwd. LOVE. The juice from the heads over the meat and the itty bitty strands of tagliatelle below. Next time, I'm going to order three or four of those prawns and have them sit on more pasta. It would be a dish off the menu, but totally do-able if the kitchen doesn't mind. That would make a great meal for me.

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