Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Cakes for the Man's 40th :: Little Favors By Ethel

I'm a derelict partner. Clearly, I don't bake and when desserts don't feature in my diet, I forgot about getting a birthday cake and candles for the man. Oops. He does like his desserts although he obstinately eats very little of it whenever I refuse to share any with him. I bet you he feels guilty about the calories. Hahahah.

Wanted pastries from Little Favors By Ethel (Instagram @littlefavors). I should have asked Ethel about doing a proper cake, but never mind. Another occasion then. Luckily, during this period, she's trotting out her bakes at Dapper Coffee (and The Spiffy Dapper). Went to get a mid-morning coffee and got some pastries from there instead.

Beyond glancing at the facebook and instagram pages, I didn't ask what would be available this week.  Assumed there would be three options at least. There were! Whew! Three of them comprised cheerful enough colors and flavors to form a belated birthday 'cake' for the man. Boxed them up and before the next work meeting, hurriedly took them home before they melted in this heat.

These, make a birthday platter of sweets- a lime and raspberry meringue tart; a slice of apricot, almond and lemon drizzle loaf; and a piece of double-layered hazelnut dark chocolate cake with no butter and good ol' olive oil. They were all delicious. The platter put a smile on the man's face.

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