Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Coffee Break with Corsage

Literally flopped down on the benches at the cafe. What a relief to be sitting down with friends after hectic work meetings. Late afternoon and work had wound down. We were a wee bit wan from decimating brain cells. Coffee was much needed. It was way after the time that I should be having caffeine, but I hadn't had coffee for the day and really needed a cup.

Time truly flies and in the blink of an eye, it's been slightly over a decade since I had my first coffee with these girls. They give good and sane counsel. They always could put a different perspective to various work and life issues. I'm obstinate and sometimes can't see beyond initial anger or resistance to certain issues that I deem non-negotiable; I've learnt to at least listen to their views before decision-making. The company and conversation always help to ease the drudgery. As usual, we do random but frequent meetings here and there since our day-schedules seem to coincide these few months.

This quick coffee was slightly more special. Belated but not less-valued birthday wishes to the birthday girl IRL. We got a small bouquet of subdued shades of green for her. Many happy and healthy returns of the day, Corsage. xo


Anonymous said...

Like this lots! :D

imp said...

miss having kopi with you too.