Thursday, April 16, 2015

Picking Up A Cue

C and I met earlier at Ice Cold Beer before the rest of the humans arrived. We wanted to plonk coins into the pool table. I played there three weeks ago- two games on my own. Kinda missed it. I hadn't touched a cue for a loooong time. Tonight was a beer date though, not for pool. But C is a fantastic player. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to play against a human. Might as well have a few rounds. Best of five. :) Used ICB's the corner 7-footer away from the bar where not many people want to play at because of the wall and human snooks. The table held a crap cushion, unpolished balls and lousy cues. (PS: Happy 21st, ICB!)

8-ball and 9-ball used to be a regular thing. Competitions and whatnots. I was practicing three hours a day. Every.Single.Day. For like three years. On days when there weren't scheduled sessions, I would get out to the pubs for fun. Well, playing against humans at all levels and watching competition games are the best ways to observe strategies and tactics. It was an ego-boost too! In the sense that I played to win. Losing wasn't in the plan. :P Then life got in the way and it became a weekly thing instead. After a while, the traveling and many trips began and I simply didn't bother to make regular dates to play anymore. Grinned when I caught bits of CSI Las Vegas on AXN last night. It was S15E10- 'Dead Rails'. On what else, pool, hustlers and a murder.

Was gleeful to know I could still see the angles, feel the cue-to-ball, and place my shots. Hadn't lost the touch to finish a game in two cues on a tiny table. Sadly, the one-cue games aren't possible until I've had some practice. Had fun with C! Cues were terrible leh. No glove too. Wasn't keen to play longer. Heh. Plus I wanted to start on the beer. I don't drink when I play. Alcohol affects my reading of the game and hinders focus on the shots. Don't need to pick this up again regularly lah. I don't even own any cues. Random games once in a bit are fine; while I defer to better players, I still don't like losing. LOL. 


D said...

the most prominent thing for me in the pics is your sculpted arms. envious! :D

imp said...

Turn off the dishwasher and cook up,a storm. :P I'm the dishwsher at home. Heeehehehe.