Friday, April 17, 2015

Lunch at Bollywood Veggies

The moment the friends got in to town, they wanted to buy the man a belated birthday lunch. He requested to makan at Bollywood Veggies' bistro. We love its concept and its food. It's a nice drive up too. Importantly, given a fun itinerary, these friends wouldn't whine about distance or weather, so we knew they would kinda enjoy the trek out west. It's always cool to do heritage or nature trails with them too.

You know, each time we come, we always miss out on nasi lemak. It's always sold out. That lunch wasn't any different. Grrrr. The vegetarian platter was good. Tempura of fried leaves. Yummy. Included dhal and potato curry. The platter came with brown and white rice so that we really didn't need to order anything else, but we still did. Greedy lah. The man couldn't resist trying the nasi biryani. He liked their version. Had cabbage omelette. That lemak nangka kampung was GOOD. Young jackfruit boiled in coconut milk with a few drops of turmeric. They named it 'jackfruit lemak'.

It never fails to rain during each visit to Bollywood Veggies. Hahahaha. This round, of course it rained and threw us off visiting Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve after lunch. There weren't many people out and about that afternoon. Maybe it was the dreary weather. We settled for a little trot around the farm. It was still drizzling. The friends laughed off my offer of an umbrella. Pffft. I wasn't keen on getting my head wet, even if it was a five-minute stroll. :P Merrily went home with four-angled beans (winged beans, yayy), banana cakes and bunches of pisang-something.

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