Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Eats at Ki-sho

It was very sweet of the man to insist on a date to take me out to dinner. He noticed that I haven't been really thinking about sitting down to meals, preferring to work through meal-times, or simply grabbing a sandwich at some point. Well. The pace of work is fast, and when I work, I don't think about food. I usually take two meals a day anyway, even with the quick laps in the pool or sessions of pilates. Caffeine, on the other hand, is a necessity. The man works equally hard, if not more. This quarter runs at full speed. Luckily for us, we enjoy our work and the various projects we've committed to.

We went out to Ki-sho. The man has taken a shine to this restaurant. The man and I have different preferences when it comes to Japanese restaurants. We would go to all, but it's like, I'm more fond of Tatsuya and Sushi Hashida, whereas he's more keen on Shinji (Raffles Hotel), Aoki and Ki-sho. Whatever. We could hop in whenever, and also separately with our respective friends, depending on the offerings on the menu or the produce in season. It was nice to have a lovely meal with the man before he flew out on yet another work trip. Too bad I couldn't tag along. It would be nice to catch up with those friends in another city again. But I have work to do. Plenty of work. Kinda fun projects too. So that's priority. There would be time to play later.

Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto took care of us. He considered our requests and proceeded to slice our preferred fish for the night. Didn't bother with cooked food. Decided to go with raw stuff. What a lovely meal, as usual. I don't deviate very much from my usual preferences of sashimi or nigiri sushi. Could almost feel my neighbors raise eyebrows when I requested for no chutoro, otoro or wagyu, or foie gras. Hehehehe. We were also not in the mood for sake. Opted for beer. There would be more whisky later with the friends. Saved our livers for that.

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