Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Kirin J Callinan & DJ Twinhed

Got dragged out to Kirin J Callinan's gig at Blu Jaz Cafe. The friends were really enthusiastic. "Let's go dancing!" Errrm, okay. I was clearly skeptical. Have you heard his latest 'Embracism'? Sounds more like DJ remixes than the usual melodious singer-songwriter stuff. Good on the artist, but I don't get those doof-doof beats. Sorry.

You know what, I got 'em doof-doof poof-poof beats alright. Triple dosage. Kirin J Callinan used those pedals for a bit, noise and loop, then abandoned them for stint at the Macbook. He clearly loved dancing. There was even a GoT theme song remix. Win lor. Very bizzare, but rather entertaining. Everyone busted out disco moves. I was rather amused. I wasn't sure if I paid to hear him sing or watch him dance. I think I'm too old for this sort of gig-not-gig type of shows that turn into a dance party. My fellow audience kinda whooshed out of the room when it went into a Macbook-show and disco, leaving like five people behind to entertain the artist who was still on the dance floor. LOL.

Bumped into a whole bunch of other friends who went for DJ Twinhed downstairs. So we zipped in to catch the last few tunes of hip hop and drum&bass. A different kind of dancing went on. Haven't heard these rhythms for a while. I don't fancy listening to hip hop or drum&bass. But dancing to it is a different matter. You can't not dance to it. The whole meaning of the genre is in the movements.

Drank water! Loved it that Blu Jaz Cafe put out jugs of iced water with a slice of orange at the bar counter for all patrons. If you tell me 'dancing', then I can't do alcohol well. It's gotta be ice-cold water. Lots. The non-dancers could drink our share of alcohol or we could drink after. You need to be kind of sober so as not to stomp on other people's feet, or slap people when you flail around. We gave this dude a wide berth because he seemed more like drunkenly bashing around than showing off strange moves.

We hadn't gone clubbing for ages. Is 'clubbing' even the right term?!? Sounds more dated than hip. What do they call it now? What a hilarious night out. Hahaha. Full from dinner, there was no customary supper when we split at 1.30am. Cannot lah, we can't wrap up nights at 4am anymore. My eyes literally burn. Of late, I wilt by midnight. Pun fully intended.

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