Thursday, May 28, 2015

NUDE Seafood

Finally went to NUDE Seafood for lunch for a few consecutive meals. Hahaha. Kept hearing good things about it since November but no meetings brought me close to the MBFC area at the right timings for a meal. This month, I have a whole stretch of morning meetings in Raffles Place and Asia Square, leaving the afternoons or lunch free. Woohooo. NUDE doesn't do reservations for lunch, but it does it for dinner. Peak lunch hour sees walk-ins only. Fine by me. I could simply chope a table at 11.50am and wait for the friends to hop in at noon. Not too frazzling.

Loved the menu. Totally my kind of food. If I work in the CBD, I'd likely eat at NUDE all the time. :P Was really curious about the herb-grilled King prawns, but that week I was still nursing swollen lips from allergies. Had to pass and take the fish. The portions were fine for me. Had a hickory-smoked salmon on forgotten grains, cucumber with goma sauce and greens. Those grains were made up of unpolished red rice with chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds, and oats. Very yummy. Heh. More or less what I eat at home. Of all the fish here, I love the red snapper most. It's sprinkled with a touch of freshly grated parmesan. Red snapper with smoked tomato puree on cous cous, greens and pumpkin seeds. Don't mind the cous cous because of the smoked tomato purée. Brilliant touch. But I prefer the bite of their 'forgotten grains'.

Coffee is currently supplied by Common Man Coffee Roasters, which makes it easy to have a cup of coffee here before or after lunch. By 1.15pm, tables would have emptied and if we want to linger, we needn't feel guilty hogging a table. However, on rainy days, they do run out of food by 2.15pm- ish. So go early. It's intentionally done so as to keep ingredients as fresh as possible, with a second shipment of fresh supplies later on for dinner prep. The other day we returned at 2pm for a late meal and a coffee. There were only two choices left for a hot meal. It was hilarious because on this stormy day, by 2.45pm, they even ran out of coffee and had to turn away customers who came in for an afternoon shot of caffeine.

Fav fish in the joint- the red snapper. 

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