Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Projector

Too consumed by work and other assorted activities, the man and I rarely catch movies at the theatres. It's even worse trying to date the friends to do so when all of us run on different schedules. We simply buy stuff off of iTunes and all that and watch it whenever, or trawl through various selections of inflight movies. Made time to go to The Projector to watch Ivan Kavanagh's 2014 'The Canal' that wasn't too B-grade; the scariest scene was the creepy and bloody dirty toilets. Also caught Hal Hartley's final film that wrapped up a decade and a half's saga- his 2014 'Ned Rifle'. Surely you'd have caught 1997 'Henry Fool' and 2006 'Fay Grim'. Those were uhh grim and full of mystery.

This final film is unlike the other two. It's slightly more...introspective and in that sense, less exciting. Quite an apt finale to a long-hinted-at trilogy. You don't exactly need to watch the previous films to understand the third although references are there. With the addition of Susan in the storyline, played by Aubrey Plaza'Ned Rifle' could stand alone because it focused on Ned, and less on the backstory There's hardly any mention of Ned in 'Fay Grim' almost a decade ago. He was supposed to be only seven then. In this film, he's 18, played by Liam Aiken. Although I was underwhelmed, this concluding film didn't disappoint. (Reviews here, here, here and here.)

While The Projector has been refurbished and given a new coat of paint, it still isn't plush, retaining its slightly gritty and super old-school image. Why not? We don't need all cinemas to be lux and gleaming. The cafe serves up pretty decent brews from Tiong Hoe, offering beer, pizza and shoyu butter popcorn. It's a good place to chill out before a movie. If you drive, park at Level 5, look for Speak Cryptic's wall art in a corner that would lead you to the back of the cinema at the restrooms. Any other floor might take you on a merry stroll around Golden Mile Tower which holds some creepy shops. (Can't believe that there's a youtube video on directions.) Speak Cryptic's trademark masked wall figures lend cheer to the area and keep you company in the stairwells. Follow them down to the foyer entrance. As brightly lit the restrooms are, I love how they have that desolate feel. Woohooo. Kinda atmospheric for horror movies.

So pleased that we now have something similar to London's Curzon (well, minus the home cinema subscription). How awesome to convert it from the old Golden Theatre into this incarnation of The Projector. It showed a series of Stanley Kubrick's films earlier in January. They've got recent releases, oldies and repeat goodies. The man wanted to re-watch Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil', for the fourth time since 1985. I wasn't keen. Watching it twice was enough.

People, go catch some films at The Projector. Keep it going. We've been wanting a cinema like this for years, and now it's in existence, don't let it shut down.

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