Thursday, June 11, 2015

Celebrations for V

Celebrated V's birthday two weeks earlier since she went off on a long work trip, and she's away now on a lovely birthday vacation. Glad I chope-d her calendar slots for random dates. Happy to spend time with the girlfriend.

There was time to indulge in one more birthday dinner. At V's request, sushi at Tatsuya it was. It was crazy crowded on a Friday night. Had to wait a long while for our food. But at least Chef Goh is familiar with how long I'm willing to wait before I turn into an ogre. So he peppered the wait with proper pieces of sushi. That's the biggest issue with Tatsuya of late- the waiting time on a busy weekend even if you're seated at the sushi counter at 8.45pm. ARRRGGGH. I think the 6.30pm dining slot is best on Fridays and Saturdays. The staff made up for it with giving as many pickled baby eggplants as we wanted, and a candle on a small slice of crème brûlée-custard-cheesecake thing and sang a very loud birthday song for V. Hahahaha. Okaaaay.

I had expected her presents to arrive late, but all items arrived way earlier. Woot. Even the customized Poppetry print was completed superbly fast. I was able to pass all of them to the birthday girl before the actual date. So glad she's pleased with all her presents.

To adventures, V, and above all, be selfish. xo

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