Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cycling at East Coast Park

School's out! That means the not-so-little-Missy could go play! Y and I managed to meet for morning coffees without Missy. But she wanted in on our dates. Hahahaha. Bravely made a date with Y and Missy to go cycling at East Coast Park (ECP). Missy just picked it up and was raring to go. Y could easily cycle; I haven't touched a manual two-wheeler for years. Don't look at me. I don't cycle. I want one of those electric scooters but I can't justify the purchase when I get around the neighborhood fine balancing grocery bags on a skateboard or inline skates. Much more comfortable on those. I'm not particularly steady on a bicycle. There's a high chance of falling off at the corners or knocking someone down.

The morning wrought dark skies, rain and strong winds. We thought about abandoning plans for cycling, but by the time I picked up the girls, the rain had lightened to a drizzle, so we took our chances. Luckily we did! We were blessed with decent weather that was almost cool. The skies held fair and fine over East Coast Park while we were there. Apparently, it poured buckets over Marina Bay, all of Chinatown and Orchard, as well as Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. Just not over ECP. MUCH WIN.

ECP was relatively empty on a weekday morning, making it a pleasure to ride. I definitely felt better without having to jump out of my skin each time somebody whizzed past. Missy's way more confident on a bicycle now. She's got the hang of it and doesn't need any help from us anymore. We simply trailed behind her. She understands basic riding etiquette and safety, as well as the importance of keeping her lane on the cycling paths and keeping left to allow overtaking. Her stamina is increasing. She cycled a full 90 minutes before declaring "Stop!" Well done girl!

Now, my butt muscles hurt a teeny weeny bit. Y lied. She said it wouldn't hurt because we went so slowly. It wasn't anywhere near an energetic pace fosure. BUT. Butt. Not the arms, thighs, calves or ankles. Not the glutes; closer to the bone. The butt. Achievement unlocked. Clearly being reasonably fit and doing regular workouts that involve some butt muscles aren't of much help when a movement utilizes new muscle groups. I forgot there's such a thing as an aching butt.


D said...

haha i have forgotten the need for traffic rules cycling at east coast because of the crowd. a good way for kids to learn and remember though.

imp said...

hahaha. I need to remember them too!