Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pink Dot SG 2015

This is the first year that we didn't have to rush to Baybeats after popping in at Pink Dot. Baybeats is held on the weekend of 26 to 28 June. This is also the first time that we could stay on to form the Dot. WOOT. By now, it's more of a big blob as there are more of us spilling out of Hong Lim Park. I've worn the same fuchsia pink dress and gold Havaianas since 2009. Hahahaha.

Each year this time, strange people crawl out of the woodworks to say the most bigoted things about other humans, as though others different from them have no right to even exist. Or if they do, they should do so in shameful silence hidden away in dark corners. I'm not just talking about acknowledging the existence and rights of LGBTQ who are as human as you and I. It's about every other groups of humans that don't quite fit meekly into mainstream sleek and chic urban Singapore.

Anyway. #PinkDot2015 Organizers said 28,000 of us streamed in and out of Hong Lim Park from 4pm to 9pm. I think (wild guess) less than half was able to form that Dot at 8pm since only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents could do that. We sang the national anthem, lit pink lights and cheered. For the universal concept of 'family' the way one wants to define it so as to provide emotional support and refuge from daily cares; for the love we need; for inclusivity, and above all, for a kinder society.

Oh, the weather was PERFECT.

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