Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shun Fa Yun Tun Noodles (順發雲吞麵)

I'm not fond of Hong Kong's wonton noodles even if the wontons hold prawns. Although those noodles are super thin and QQ. Growing up in Singapore means the version with char siew and a thicker saltier sauce and a ton of spicy chilli is my preferred. Nope, don't fancy the Pontian-style, Sarawak kolo mee or Thai wonton mee either. Also, I don't care about the char siew. Occasionally I check out the wonton skin for thinness, but don't care for its usually-pork filling. What I do care about, is the chilli, the sauce and especially the texture of the noodles. I like it dry, thin and super al dente. QQ! Everybody likes their wonton mee done differently. They even like the char siew done in different colors from red to brown.

There's no one shop that checks off everyone's desires 100%. People wax lyrical over different plates of wonton noodles of their favorite stalls. Totally subjective. You'll have to decide what you want in a plate. There're like 1001 noodle shops on the island. Again, RERG has like the best food lists- here's its excellent list of best wonton mee in town, as of May 2015.

There was an old uncle's nameless wonton noodles stall with Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice at its old location of 57 Eng Hoon Street. Now the curry rice shifted to 71 Seng Poh Road, the old man's gone. It has been replaced by a nameless stall selling pretty decent bak chor mee and Teochew noodles done by an elderly husband-wife team. The relocation displaced another modest Shun Fa Yun Tun Noodles (順發雲吞麵) that used to be at 71 Seng Poh Road to Tan Boon Liat Building in March 2015. This shop is what I want to talk about.

I've eaten at Shun Fa Yun Tun Noodles (順發雲吞麵) since their days at Outram Park. The char siew is nothing to scream about. But their dumplings are tops, along with the dark sauce that holds the proportionate ratio of everything else. The wonton skin is thin, and the pork filling is pounded evenly.

They also have an option of yong tau foo with their noodles and sauce. Just a small selection. You can't choose- it comes with standard items, with a tasty spicy-sweet dip. It's tasty enough as an additional accompaniment to the plate of wonton mee.

Obviously I like this stall for its noodles. I could just eat the noodles and the sauce and pretty much nothing else. :P This sort of thin QQ noodles and sauce are old-school style. I love those flavors and it's so difficult to find them nowadays.

Sure, some of those famous shops claim to have the best wonton mee thingies, but many don't. There's a higher chance of me finding these old-school flavors in a random kopitiam in a quiet HDB estate than at the big name stalls. I have a secret list which I try to check off by eating at those little stalls at once every two months. Muahahaha. None of them have good juicy smoky char siew. However, QQ noodles guaranteed. I usually go with friends so that I could palm off the wontons to them.

Sadly, within just three months, Shun Fa Yun Tun Noodles (順發雲吞麵) has decided to close because of a lack of human traffic. Their takings suffered. Next Friday 26 June will be the last day of operations at its current premises. It's located at the ground floor canteen of Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road S169074. Plenty of parking available. The stall opens Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 2pm (except public holidays).

Shun Fa's owners Victor Tan and Madam Quek are looking for a new space. They haven't found anything yet. Haizzz. I really hope they find something suitable soon. I'm certainly going to miss their noodles. Meanwhile, if you want, go now. One more week. Otherwise you won't get to taste their noodles and wonton till a few months later, if at all. (There's a Facebook page, but it's set up by their customers and not by them.)

Uncle Victor and Auntie Quek might look stern, but do say hi. They'll appreciate that loads. They don't bite; they're just busy and focused on churning out the noodles and dumplings at the right texture. Obviously, don't attempt a conversation with them during peak lunch hours between noon to 1.30pm. IF they should set up a new stall, they'll tell all their regulars. Well, I'll know, and I'll tell you. :) Word-of-mouth will have customers flocking to them again, hopefully in a not too out-of-the-way venue.

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