Monday, July 27, 2015

All Those Fairy Tales

It's quite amazing how writers could turn fairytales into more fairytales. It boils down to our imagination and how much we're limited by that. Kate Danley's 'The Woodcutter' was a surprisingly a quirky and entertaining read.

The author took a ton of Grimm's fairy tales and linked them into one story of how the Woodcutter, with magical axes taken from the River God, and one special yet plain fairy ax of his own, kept peace in the Twelve then Thirteen Kingdoms. It was rather well linked. It's plausible how the world of Faerie and the humans are joined in this story. (Reviews here, here and here.)

This story could probably spin off into a whole new fairy tale. It drew on many. Dead pixies. Someone killed Cinderella and one of Odin's hellhounds has gone rogue. A malevolent Queen and a cruel Gentleman of the Vanishing Mansion are trying to destroy the peace of the Twelve Kingdoms to take over and destroy the protection of the Woods ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania of the fae. The author even managed to make the Princesses less annoying and helpless than usual. The Queens and Baba Yaga were rather awesome.

It isn't a bad read, especially when treated with a large pinch of salt. It does get a tad confusing, but if that's how the author wants to play out the fairy tales, it's cool. It isn't unenjoyable. Just don't put too much thought into it. It's light reading, kinda fun and rather cheesy. It's pretty fluffy. I almost died of laughter at various junctures.

Yes, true love's first kiss. 
"The spell has been broken," said the Woodcutter. He sheathed the Platinum Ax. "The hellhound that stalked you will have lost your scent, for you are no longer that which you were and will forever be more than you ever thought possible. 
In losing yourself to one another, you have won. The blood of the face within your veins has been tamed and you have fulfilled your role in the treaty—for you have chosen to love. 
The Wood shall now grant you safe passage to your home. Whatever danger you were once in has now passed. Tomorrow, Prince Martin, no matter what direction you travel, you shall arrive in your kingdom by sundown. There you shall wed your Rapunzel, and together you shall live happily ever after." 
The couple smiled curiously at one another. 
The Woodcutter rose to retire for the night and leave the young couple to discovery. He knew they no longer needed him, for wild magic does not meddle with the hearts of those who have tamed it with true love. 
For true love conquers all.

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