Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grilled Salmon At Home

Not a fan of raw salmon, but prefer it grilled. I usually get salmon fillets from Meidi-ya because it always stocks decent cuts. Fassler's more convenient outlet in Tiong Bahru is cool to get supplies of seafood too. Now that The Alaska Guys are bringing in good salmon to the shops, we've got more choices. Woohoo.

Grilled fish make for a comforting meal when the stomach tire of eating out. Been having indigestion. Yes, I've upped the intensity of the exercise routine, but there've been too many work meals and too much food all around. I haven't been as draconian about meal contents when eating with work associates and new acquaintances, and have been careless with taking too much meat and the stomach has sounded its disagreement. UGH. So in order to pacify the churning stomach, I've been doing mainly vegetarian meals, salads and the occasional fish. #ImpieCooks2015

Stayed in that evening. Had a couple of fish fillets in the freezer that should be eaten soon. Lovely gifts from the friends who brought them for us when they flew in from Seattle. Thawed out sockeye fillets to grill for dinner. Seared them to crisp the skin. The man was most enthusiastic about it. He also wanted an additional item of soup. He fried up roux to thicken an oyster stew. All right. He scuttled off to the supermarket to grab some frozen oysters. Gonna be cooking them in a pot. Didn't need them freshly shucked. I rustled up an easy spicy pot of farro with tomatoes and basil. Taadahhh. A yummy dinner.

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