Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Granola & Yoghurt

This trip, I definitely need to eat especially when I'm up by 6am running around. Lunch can be dicey. Dinner is somewhere between 5.45pm to 7pm. The sun sets at 7pm and twilight is long as it's still summer. It only gets fully dark at about 8pm.

Couldn't wait to meet my supplies of granola, oats and all that when I got out to Shangri-la. They were separately shipped here with the rest of the project supplies. Heeeee. I cannot do noodles or even congee for breakfast, much less yak butter milk tea, soy milk or whatever it is the locals have. Really cannot. At most I do hard-boiled eggs. The eggs here are delicious. Straight from the chickens I spied running around freely.

However, a number of local eateries and cafes have surprisingly also baked their own versions of granola, which are very good too. Surprisingly not too sweet. I'm more than thrilled to know how easily obtainable my preferred breakfast items are. There'll be seasonal fruits juicy and crunchy to accompany the happy-usual-familiar granola; currently, it's loads of melons and grapes. Peaches and apricots aren't in season yet.

What's even better, there's always fresh milk and yoghurt made by the villagers. Hurrah. If batches run out, the commercial tubs work too. Yoghurt (酸奶) is made from both yaks and cows. A few days in, I even have my favorite commercial brand. Heh. It's Lesson (来思尔).

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