Friday, August 14, 2015

Into Kunming

On the bus number 84!

Hello again, Yunnan. It's good to see you. It was bright and sunny when we landed in Kunming. It has been a weird summer of daily rains for the city. Typhoons are expected in the region and more rains will hit the province before autumn.

Yunnan must be my favorite province in China. The people, the scenery and the food. But I don't quite fancy its capital Kunming (昆明). It's just like any other city with loads of tall buildings, noise and traffic. Except its long-awaited high speed inter-city rail system and urban subway/rail lines won't be completed till 2018 at least. Getting around during peak hours can be annoying. You could have a car at disposal. However, you might need to walk a few blocks to get to it so that it doesn't get stuck in the almost standstill traffic in town. Don't bank your hopes on getting a cab. The cabs aren't friendly. When getting around in the downtown area, buses move faster than cars. The bus fare per trip is ¥1 (SGD 0.22)!

Stopped in Kunming first to check in with half of the friends. We also needed to do a supply run, and took the chance to stock up anything else we thought would be useful out in the remote mountains. Prices here aren't more expensive than outlying towns. Economies of scale, supply and demand and all that. We're moving north to begin both work and play projects. Very excited.

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