Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Wedding of J and L

Dessert table at the tea reception set up by Little Favors by Ethel.

This was a wedding that I had quietly allocated the quota for a couple of years ago, if I should be invited. I was! Along with the man lah. We've known J and L for almost a decade now, since they started out in university. The man has known J even longer. We've kept in touch, meeting regularly year after year, establishing a friendship beyond mere acquaintances. Over the years we've seen them blossom into two distinct intellectual and wonderful individuals. I can only say this since the man and I are like... a decade and a half older than them. Heeeeheeehee.

The skies cleared up beautifully for the afternoon wedding at the church. But the morning rains cooled the grounds and we didn't melt from the heat or humidity that slowly crept back. Nibbled on light bites catered by PeraMakan. Coffee was nicely supplied by Yellow Cup. Definitely needed a cup of caffeine, my first of the day. Our table felt shy about attacking the desserts. Those cheerful bakes were supplied by Little Favors by Ethel, and we had been roundly treated to the awesome-ness of Ethel's skills the past three weekends of her pop-up. Hurhurhur. Left the desserts for the other guests to ooh and ahh over.

In the evening, we went to their super fun dinner. Had earlier clarified with the bridal couple that we needn't appear at 6.30pm stated as per the invitation. It was a busy day for everyone at this table and we could only make 7.15pm. Okay, not like there was fixed seating. The bunch of us just made up the table because we naturally gravitate towards one another at most events.

I ate many rolls of popiah with super shiok chilli that was meant for the roast duck, but I ate it with everything anyway. We laughed, ate delicious murgh makhani and pilaf, yummy strawberry shortcake, and had a blast. Our server enthusiastically brought out the whisky for us and merrily topped up ice cubes and all that. To clarify, we didn't enjoy the party just because we were plied with whisky; we enjoyed it because it was always fabulous to hang out with friends whom we already see often. Managed to steer clear of copious amounts of whisky till the very last glass. The groom came around and poured crazy amounts into our glasses from the last bits of the final bottle. Our glasses looked like they held green tea with a ton of ice cubes.

The bridal couple have gone through tremendous trials and tribulations; the man and I couldn't be happier to see them on this day all radiant, and wish them well as they begin a new chapter hopeful, healthy, blessed and united in faith. There is a note that the man and I didn't pen in the guestbook. There was a long queue behind us lah. But they'll read it in this post. :)

Dear J and L, 
We have no words of wisdom, except a gentle nudge to you to always communicate. You understand the power of words, nuances, points of arguments and objectives. Communicate, and there'll be pretty much nothing to fight about, ever. A conversation will always remain within the structure of a debate with a focus and an outcome that both desire.  
Our warmest congratulations, sweethearts. Stay in love.  
D and J


D said...

comment for the previous post:
that's a great deal for the lobster paella! it looks mouthwatering! wish i knew abt this deal too!

Larissa Lim said...

Hello D and Imp!

Thank you so much for your advice :D We are very glad that you were there with us and that you all had fun! :D:D:D

J says that we should have made a karaoke machine with NDP songs available for the guests too :P

imp said...

D: Am sure they'll come up with some more delicious deals soon.

imp said...

Larissa: OH MY! No karaoke machine! Hahahahaha. Muaks.