Friday, September 25, 2015

Gone to the Dark Side

Till now, the Windows mobile app store doesn't have GoogleMaps. I use HERE, which works all right. Generally I don't need it in Singapore. When I opened it two weeks ago to check a location of a building, upon starting navigation, it told me to download an app to begin. Wtf. An app within an app? It led me to Waze. Sighhh. At least Waze is useful.

Then I got really pissed when Skype on Windows mobile refused to let the new emoticons move like how they're supposed to. ARRRRGH. There're a million other peeves, like how I don't have any local taxi apps in the Windows store. At least I have Uber, of which I use loads and it crashes all the time. In a nutshell, even though I don't care about pretty layouts, I do care about apps being user-friendly. From 2012 till now, fewer and fewer developers bother about Windows mobile apps. When the Microsoft Outlook and Skype apps work better on the iPad and the iPod Touch instead of Windows mobile, there's a huge problem. As much as I wanted to maintain the 'last frontier' against all things Apple and continue to use a Windows phone, I can't because it has turned truly lousy.

In a fit of pure rage nine days ago, I bought the new iPhone 6s on the pre-orders and slated it for the fastest delivery. Proceeded to iCloud my whole life, organized the iPad, Macbook and iPod Touch to sync with the incoming new phone, and changed out the SIM from a micro to a nano. Integration was almost complete. What's more, I'm thrilled to bits with SingTel's newly announced SIM-only phone plans. They're exactly what I've wanted for years! A ton of data, minimal call-time and frankly, I don't give a crap about SMS. Finally the telco's turned reasonable. Haven't done the 're-contract' nonsense for years.

Bye bye Lumia 1020. You've been awesome. You still are. Except your software sucks and Microsoft can't decide what to do with its loss-making mobile acquisition. Not even Windows 10 will change my mind. Microsoft, are you listening?

The iPhone 6s arrived at my doorstep on launch day before noon. My first-ever Apple phone. My defection is complete. Hello.


Su-Lin said...

Haha! Confirm not impulse buy! Hope it doesn't give you more headaches.

imp said...

Whewwww. It should at least work decently most of the time.