Saturday, September 26, 2015

Little Island Brewing Company

All thanks to L's suggestion to get together at Little Island Brewing Company, we got to check out a new joint and catch up with the friends. On an evening with an okay PSI, the east didn't even stink of charred wood like how the south smelt. Wahh. Buoyed by a nice sea breeze with planes coming in really close to land at the airport.

Non air-conditioned, the spacious joint has set up huge fans that could cool the place enough on an average night, not on those gigantic hot summer nights. Dunno how it goes at lunch and in the afternoons. Wear erm... very little? After all you're in Changi Village... There's a laid-back vibe to the area, and a vague sense of being on holiday. More or less a fully self-service joint, it would be great if the tables could clear their used utensils too. The beers run on a stored-value card system. Tap it at the taps and get your choice of drink. Works great for us.

Think of it as a beer joint, with okay food, and you'll be fine. Don't term it as a restaurant. It's pub-grub, but pretty decent wings, meats and grill. It's got enough variety on the menu. The kitchen smokes its own meats over jarrah and apple wood. There were pork knuckles and pork belly. We skipped that. The table enjoyed the 15-hour smoked Cape Grim beef brisket with truffle balsamic sauce. The fish and chips weren't as good as we hoped. I really liked that roasted cauliflower with spring onions and roasted Japanese pumpkin with chilli and cacciatori sausageNachos weren't necessary, but randomly fun. Hurhurhur.

I confess that little attention was paid to the beer. Vaguely saw the taps labelled Beavertown and Adnams, Tuatara and Stoke with the offerings of blonde, pale ale, IPA, pilsner, coffee stout, the sorts. Sheppy's cider was good too. The microbrewery's beer rooms just started chugging. Another two months or so and we could try its beer which promise to be a line-up of malts and hops.

Surprisingly, I didn't even bother with beer. Was busy chatting and listening to the conversations. Also, I gave it up for the soft drinks. They were ridiculously tasty. Didn't know they were 'home-brewed' till later. Nice! Spiced vanilla cola and ginger beer. The apple spritzer was made with Granny Smith apples. Definitely dunked a truckload of sugar into the system. But hey, sugar for sugar. Spritzers replaced beer. Same same.

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