Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Frustrating Bangle

I don't wear bangles all the time, the same way I don't wear jewelry to sleep. Rings are sometimes skipped too, since it's easier to get stuff done without cumbersome clinks getting in the way. Once in a while, I wear a bangle stack. When the mood catches and the jangling doesn't cause annoyance at whatever event I'm headed to.

Yup, bangles, not bracelets. The latter are too dainty and tend to break. Or rather I handle them so roughly. Plus I've no patience with clasps. Bangles are hardier and look great dinked. Some, unfortunately, have got complicated clasps that I can't sort out with one hand or two fingers and a thumb, which boggle the mind as to why I even bought them.

One of the most difficult clasp to catch and release has got to be Cartier's 'Juste un Clou' bangle. Precisely why it's not often worn and is left deep in the drawer for months at a time. Yeah, there's an angle to fix it into the keyhole and all that. Like all Cartier's pieces, the hold is secure, but it can be so difficult to latch on or remove. I can't just use brute force. There's gotta be a gentle yet firm pull or push. Sometimes I get the angle, and often I don't. GAAH.

The other day, putting it on was a breeze. Removing it, was a truckload of hassle. I was tired and couldn't grab the angle to push down to slide out to open it. It was frustrating, to put it mildly. Taking a deep breath to fiddle with it for five more times didn't succeed. In the end, I was like, 'screw it' and went to bed, with it. Obviously at some point in the night, it hit my face when the wrist made unpleasant contact. -_-

Scowled at my wrist when I woke. Would be lucky if it didn't leave a slight bruise. Stretched. With weak morning fingers, found the offending bangle and unthinkingly pressed one end down. It released. Voilà! One half-hearted attempt. Bloody hell. This is indeed a brilliant yet infuriating design by the esteemed jewelry house. The 'Juste un Clou' bangle is ideal to be worn on trips or to a venue where you don't want to lose anything while running around.


coboypb said...

Haha. I don't wear jewelry to sleep too. The bangle is not easy for someone to remove too?

imp said...

It would be easier for someone else to remove since there would be two hands to leverage. As long as they know the keyhole angle to push. But it's so so silly to buy jewelry that can only be put on by another. Impractical!

coboypb said...

Maybe that is the intention of the creator for this piece :)