Friday, October 23, 2015

A New Rosary in Lapis Lazuli

My grandmother strung two silver rosaries for me - one with beads in lapis lazuli and the other in onyx. She knew how much I love blue and black. These are the colors I've been partial to since I was a wee imp. After her passing, my one rosary in lapis lazuli broke while in Vienna and dunno how some beads were lost. Had them restrung with the necessary number of replacement beads in black agate. Of course I was too lazy to go about customizing another in full lapis lazuli again.

When L generously offered to get me something from Vatican City on her thanksgiving trip, I shamelessly asked for a favor—to purchase a rosary. Totally trusted her taste. The thoughtful girl remembered my request, had the rosary blessed and brought it back safe and snug. She even offered sausages and salami along with it. Woohoo. No lah, dunwan, cannot. She always takes the trouble to get the man and I fabulous groceries and bottles of something-delicious on trips whenever convenient. Shouldn't add on to her luggage weight this round when I've recently lugged back stuff from UK. Stash aplenty! Upon return, L didn't mind zipping out first thing to give it to me over lunch. MUAKS. THANK YOOOOUUU!

Well, I really like jewelry in lapis lazuli. Neolithic burials, funeral masks and all that. Heh. Of 'sapphire stones' and lapidus sapphiri in ancient Mesopotamia. Anyway. Haven't got that many pieces in this stone that's a rich hue of cobalt. Time to shop around for another pair of earrings and a ring or two. Oof.

I'm beyond thrilled! A newly blessed silver rosary with lapis lazuli beads. It's not a replacement for my grandmother's handiwork or of equivalent sentimental value. But I'm not looking for a replacement. Perhaps a companion. This new rosary is just as precious in its own way- for new memories, faith, and of life everlasting.


Larissa Lim said...

Heh. So glad you like it:)

imp said...

Love it!