Thursday, October 22, 2015

Red Drum Fish

Not quite inclined to eat out of late, unless it consists of bread, eggs, granola and yoghurt, the sorts. So social meals are filled with fish and vegetables. Thankfully, the stomach is perfectly fine with spices and chillies. Dare not risk having the digestive system rebel again. I eat at home as often as possible, regardless of whether the man is around to cook. Fine. I can cook whatever I want to eat.

The man had tons of wonderful biryani and dhaal in New Delhi, and was looking not to have carbs at home. He was fine with lighter flavors and spices used. All right. Fish it is for many dinners. I'm having a streak of fresh fish luck at the supermarket. Hurrah. That superbly big fresh fillet of red drum fish (or channel bass) was placed into the shopping basket. #impieCooks2015

The man wanted a bit of red meat. Luckily the freezer had lamb chops. Grilled that up too. Didn't bother to make pesto and there was no more mint sauce in the larder. Didn't care. Slapped on loads of garlic and rosemary. Something satisfyingly meaty for him after going vegetarian for the week.

Crisped the skin of the fish in the pan, then finished it in the oven. I only flavored it with salt and pepper. Nothing else. Fish this fresh and tasty, nothing much is needed. However, chillies are always nice. Wanted some fire and spices. Chopped up shallots, lemongrass and chillies. Belachan and cold-pressed coconut oil and kaffir lime leaves are always in stock. Stirred them into sambal matah. Or raw sambal. Mmmm. So pleased with how the fish turned out.


D said...

your fish looks good! the mix of shallots, chilli etc on top too!

imp said...

The chillies can be separately added if diners don't fancy spicy...