Wednesday, October 07, 2015

An Autumn Wedding

The stark and beautiful St Mawes Castle on the southern coast of England.
It's an artillery fort built by Henry VIII in the 15th century that continued to be used as such
through the 18th and 19th centuries, and World War II.

Isn't it just a ridiculous number of weddings scheduled this year? Well, the ones attended are friends whom I see often and am close to. They've seen me through dark days; for whom I've long set aside the quota for their weddings and quietly waited/wait to be invited, if they so choose this path, and we still keep the friendship. :P

All those Skype conversations. The instant R said, "I want to hold the wedding in a castle-like fort, but not that sort of castle. Do you know what I mean?" Oh yes. Of course I do. We've been friends since we were six years old. I passed those modules on Shakespeare and English history because you summarized them for me till I fell asleep. There're only a few venues to choose from since she didn't want to hop out to Scotland. Two specifically- Polhawn Fort built by French POWs to discourage Napoleon from invading the country, and St Mawes Castle. No prizes for guessing what R chose and what her then-husband-to-be R, a military history buff, agreed on. Never mind how the House of Tudor's Henry VIII wedded six wives, divorced two, and beheaded two, and one death that wasn't on him. R and R were totally tickled by those facts.

The love story between R and R is epic. Ups and downs. Ten years in the making. Two incredibly talented and headstrong individuals. The chemistry between them today is sizzling. The understanding and space they've established in this partnership. Loads of hugs all around. It was a superb party. All that dancing!

Warmest congratulations, R and R! You're awesome hosts.  Much love, oldest girlfriend. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy. Here's to a wonderful start to the new chapter. xo


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Cool venue for a wedding!

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