Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Plaice Aplenty

Outside of Singapore, I try to eat as much fish as possible, especially the species that are difficult to find at home or only imported frozen. Haddock and halibut can be found quite easily. Surprisingly, John Dory and sole too. Plaice, not so much.

Turbot is in season. Had plenty of those. Skipped fish and chips. So much fresh fish available. Forget the fried and battered stuff. Love plaice. Pollack is good too, but I'm not quite in the mood for that. Plaice is usually on many restaurants' menu, be it the 'catch of the day' or a regular staple.

In UK, the European plaice is found at many restaurants. It's a diamond-shaped right-eyed flatfish. It comes as a flounder or a sole. A flounder isn't quite a sole. Heeeee. The true sole is a Dover/black sole. The lemon sole is actually a winter flounder. Again, as oceans warm, the populations of plaice and sole in North Sea dwindle. As time goes by, perhaps the Alaskan plaice found in the colder Bering Sea will be served in English restaurants.

Ordered fish for as many meals as possible. Not that many either. Couldn't do three meals a day. Two are more than sufficient to keep energy levels up. Had many pieces of perfectly grilled plaice. Plain, with just salt and pepper. Asked for the sauces on the side and not drizzled over. Nom nom nom. In my tummy!

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